Best 20 Good Habits For Kids

best 20 good habits for kids

Best 20 Good Habits for Kids

Many parents focus only on the education of their children and give less attention to their habits.  Not teaching good habits to kids can negatively affect their behavior and attitude once they grow up. Following are some of the best 20 good habits for kids.

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Following Bedtime Routines

No less than 8 hours of sleep is obviously encouraged for children. They have to get fully up early and must avoid sleeping late.

Household Chores

Students are never too young to assist you with your house chores. Keep them involved with all of the daily activities. This can make sure they are learn things quickly.

Public Behaviour

Examples like following the trail safety rules, not talking to waiters or shopkeepers in a disrespectful manner, not ruining public buildings and monuments, etc.

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Daily Reading

Children must cultivate the habit of daily reading. This can make them to boost communication skills, vocabulary, and visualization. It can also be required for their success at school. 

Money management

It can help them to master the essence of financial responsibility and prevents impulse spending. Follow something of providing them with pocket money and asking them to create regular records of how they’re spending the money.


Teach your son or daughter to greet everyone with respect. They have to be encouraged to regularly use words like please, thanks, sorry, and excuse me. They have to be taught just how to communicate effectively with various people.

Telling the Truth

Children should be taught to speak the truth. Lying is just a bad habit and they must be advised to prevent it. 

Teach Responsibility

Every person is accountable for their actions. Children should be imbibed with this particular important habit for their very own good.

Do Not Harm Animals or Birds

Children must be educated that animals and birds are also living creatures and not to harm them.

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Value Time

We ought to make children conscious of the phrase “Time is money” and “Gone time never comes back. Children should be taught to create proper usage of time and be punctual.

Step Outdoors

Playing is equally as important as working. Therefore, we should encourage them to invest minimum 1 to 1.5 hours daily on physical activities.

Eat Healthily

A great and healthy diet should be a habit. Children should be encouraged to consume fresh foods like fruits and avoid fatty and sugary snacks.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Water carries all the necessary nutrients to cells and above all helps to eliminate waste products from our major organs.

As children stay active during the day, they should be encouraged to drink lots of water because it may help them to manage their body temperature.

Stay Hygienic

As children often play for extended hours, the odds of contact with germs and bacteria’s are even more. Parents must ensure the correct hygiene of these children.

Having Healthy Breakfast

Virtually all child nutritionists encourage a wholesome breakfast. It’s regarded as the main meal of your day which gives us maximum energy. Parents must make sure that their kids like a healthy and tasty breakfast before leaving to school.

Brushing teeth twice daily

It will help them to help keep tooth clean and clear of decay.

Washing hands before and following a meal 

This prevents the spread of the most popular cold, flu, and other infections one of the kids.

Clean and a tidy place

Children should be encouraged to create their beds or arrange their space each morning before they prepare for school. They have to learn that cleanliness is close to godliness.


Walking is one of the very enjoyable family activities. It offers parents more time and energy to understand their kids and also encourages the youngsters to remain fit.

Table Manners

Parents should also teach kids some basic table manners. Children should be taught not to create people around them uncomfortable by their actions and activities.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article on best 20 good habits for kids.

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