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3 Types of parenting styles and its impact on children

3 different types of parenting styles and its impact on children

In this article, we are going to see about 3 Types of parenting styles and its impact on children

Parenting is something that people usually take for granted. There are no set instructions or rules for parenting. People generally learn as they go. Most things are second nature, like food, clothing, and generally taking care of children. But as children grow and other children are born, parenting becomes more than just meeting the day-to-day needs of children. Parents sometimes feel they need help deciding how best to raise their children.

There are many people who speak up about parenting and offer advice and help to parents in need. Parenting styles are an example of what parents can do to support parenting. Parenting styles are basically how parents describe how they raise their children. There are three basic parenting styles.

Some parenting authorities argue that there are many variations in parenting styles, but they all trace back to three basic parenting styles. These three styles are authoritarian, permissive and democratic.

The Authoritarian parenting style

Authoritarian parenting styles are based on control. In this parenting style, parents always retain complete control. This parenting style has strict rules and schedules

Parents rule their children with an iron fist. There are no exceptions to the rule, and punishment is carried out in a very methodical and swift manner when necessary. The downside of an authoritarian parenting style is that it usually doesn’t allow much affection or warmth. Children raised with this parenting style are usually allowed to think freely and make their own decisions.

Permissive Parenting Style

Permissive parenting styles are the opposite of authoritarian parenting styles.

Permissive parents let their children take control. There are usually not many rules and the ones that are created are often very loose. In many cases, rule violations are not tolerated or even enforced.

 Parents who use this parenting style believe their children should be free thinkers, able to explore the world and learn on their own without being bound by rules or rigid structures. This type of parenting has a lot of love and warmth. 

The downside, however, is that children don’t learn that sometimes rules are necessary. They learn that no matter what they do – right or wrong – they will not be punished. This can lead to lifelong rebellion against rules and structures of all kinds.

Democratic Parenting Style

The democratic upbringing style is a mixture of authoritarian and permissive upbringing styles. 

Democratic parents set and enforce the rules they want, but they respond to the situation.
Punishment is usually discussed with the child. Democratic parents are most concerned with helping their children understand why rules apply and why some behaviors are unacceptable.

Democratic parenting is about letting children know when they are doing good things and when they are doing bad things, and making sure they understand why they are doing it wrong. Children usually grow up respecting their parents and are able to handle conflicts and problems rationally.

Every parenting stylehas strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, children with authoritarian parenting styles will be very respectful and very well behaved. Less parental confusion and lower stress levels.

 In permissive parenting styles, parents can do whatever they want because they are not constantly monitoring their children. Families just do their own thing, and as time goes on, it often leads to major schisms as everyone moves away from their families and takes on their own lives. Style democratic parenting takes a lot of work. Parents need to talk and be involved with their children all the time in order to keep everyone in the family.

No one said parenting was easy. Parents are neither right nor wrong as long as their children are happy and well cared for. Parents can decide for themselves how they want to raise their children. Some parents fall into parenting styles that seem to fit their lives and beliefs. Some people make a conscious effort to maintain their parenting style. However, parents choose their parenting style. As long as it works and the child is cared for, that’s fine.

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